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  1. I want to make the DVD Karaoke disc., but I don't know how? Any one here know how to do it? could you show me how ? what is the equipment and what is the software to make it...thank you very much!
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  2. Authoring A karaoke DVD using CDG2VCD (available from and TMPGENC DVD Author

    to author a karaoke DVD you firstly copy the cdg/mp3 files to a folder on your hard drive. I suggest that about 200 hundred songs is about the best number.

    You then batch encode them with CDG2VCD. This will give you 200 mpeg files. (in the same folder) I normally clear the cdg-mp3 files from the folder at this time.

    open Tmpgenc DVD author and add mpeg files. Adding 10 files per track and 20 tracks.

    You then have the task of making a menu. Press create menu and choose a main menu with 20 tracks. name eah track 1 - 10, 11 - 20. 21 - 30 etc. You will have 20 pages with 10 songs (chapters) in each. These have to be named. The easy way to check the names is by pressing the source button and you can either type or cut and paiste them into yor menus.

    When you are happy with your menus you can then move to output. You may receive some fault notices just ignore them. Tmpgenc may also tell you that the size of the DVD is too large (8.5 gb) ignore this as the actual size will be around 3.2 gb.

    When authoring is complete you will be pompted to write a disk with the built in burning tool or you can use the vob files to burn a dvd using your favourite burner.
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  3. could some1 please elaborate on this technique? I have the software above to do the job. I jsut dont understand how once I go to a track that has 10 songs how I will be able to select each one in the menu. I would really appreciate some help with the menus for a karaoke disc containing about $200 songs which is what I have right now. Thanks.
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  4. bump. No one is interested in Karaoke? Comon guys I know you are out there!
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    I am interested in making a customize Karaoke disc as well. Aren't there anyone out there who knows how to make one?
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    You also have to have a burner that supports it. Some info here:
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    I have made a full set of dvd's 15 cd's per dvd , no probs following the info above.
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