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    When I scroll up in down in any browser IE, Avant, Mozilla, suddenly I go back or forward a page as I'm scrolling. No idea what caused this to happen. Already did a spyware check just to be save, the only new software in the last few days was removed BEFORE the problem started.

    Anyone seen this before?
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  2. Hello Ladies stiltman's Avatar
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    the only time I've seen this is with a stuck shift key

    tgpo famous MAC commercial, You be the judge?
    Originally Posted by jagabo
    I use the FixEverythingThat'sWrongWithThisVideo() filter. Works perfectly every time.
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  3. You probably already checked this, but mine will do that if I don't click on the page I want to scroll right before rolling the wheel. Otherwise the last thing I did like a menu function or a page function will be what the mouse wheel advances.
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  4. Member Faustus's Avatar
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    Checking into both... its fixed now.

    I also pulled the mouse driver which made the scroll wheel stop doing that... sadly it did nothing.

    Checked all mouse settings with no luck.

    Fixed by using Windows Recovery to roll windows back to Friday night. Oh well, its windows so who knows what its thinking at any given time.
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  5. Glad it's fixed. I'm always mystified with Windows. When I get a problem I can't explain I just assume it's another "feature"(aka bug) that Billy-boy's minions built into it. They have a habit there of not removing beta code before releasing the OS for sale. It's called "ALL-ENCOMPASSING BETA TESTING"
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  6. hi Flaystus,

    I know how you feel about "untamed" device .. :P

    But, having a scrollwheel (sw) isn't so bad. But, to be quite onhest with ya, I'd
    rather perfer a 3rd (middle) mouse button, than a sw. At work, I have an
    ibm mouse (3 buttons) and I've grown to like it very much, even better
    than my sw mouse here. However, I don't use the driver that comes w/
    this sw mouse. I also learned to use/live w/out it. If I need to scroll inside
    a webpage, I just press the sw. It takes a little getting use to, but onece
    this is learned, you can control its speed :P w/ small/tiny increments, be it
    left/right/up/down movements.

    One thing I like as a feature (or tip) is to get a mouse pad that is hard-like.
    Not those spongy ones. Anyways, this types of mouse pads really let the
    move glide smoothly and allow you maybe a little better control, if not, at
    least it's comfortable in the hand-movements when gliding the mouse :P

    Should I find that ibm mouse that I use at work, in store, I'll be sure to pick
    one up. I really like it.

    Hay, now, could you or others here, have a look at my thread on e-mail..

    I really need help w/ this one - it's drive me crazy.
    Thanks guys,
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  7. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    I looked into your problem, found nothing new. At least I found out that by holding down the shift key I could scroll between web pages and that holding down the control key and scrolling enlarges the page. I guess for me RTFM even applies to OS's.
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