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  1. I borrowed a VHS tape from our public library. The tape will not play through to the end. Instead it stops halfway through and rewinds. It will also not fast forward to the end as I tried this as well. Instead it will stop half way through and rewind...

    Any suggestions....

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    The tape is faulty,most likely has been wound up too tight or damaged in that spot.
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  3. If a tape developes a transparent spot where the coating has come off leaving only clear tape, it will trigger the auto rewind mechanism in the vcr. The tapes has very little time for this world. Note the spot where it rewinds and then hand wind the tape past that spot and it will play the rest of the tape. You have to push a small tab on the side of the door to open it and then push a paper clip into a hole on the bottom of the cassette to release the :brake" so you can hand wind it. A coin works well to turn the reel.
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