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  1. Hi
    I have songs in MP3 format and I wanted to create a medley (like 30 sec of 10-15 songs to create 1 song). Is there any free software to do that. Please help.
    Also, is there any mp3 playing software that can change the pitch of the song (not tempo) while playing the song?
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    If your video editor accepts the mp3s, then use it. Set the output settings to audio only in wav format.

    Or you can convert the mp3s to wav, then import into a good wave editor and join them. I think you can get a trial version of GoldWave, it should be able to do that.
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    Yup, Goldwave will do it.

    Or the Nero Wave editor which comes free with Nero.
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    Changing the pitch will change the tempo. A small adjustment to the pitch, will only make a corasponding small change to the tempo. It is well known that when your trying to copy a guitar solo, slow the tape to half speed, the pitch will be one octive lower. So when you want to play it back at normal speed, play along 12 frets higher up the neck, or some other position one octive higher.
    Thanks Mike.
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  5. Thanks
    Goldwave did work. Excellent software.
    Are there any other freewares that can do the same thing or better?
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    Audacity is freeware
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