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  1. WEll, I dont really know what it call when do it to a video file.
    But peoples who have watched TV news, u cant see some part of the video have been "censored with small rectangle blur parts" so u cant see: the face, sign or whatever. (I think u know what I mean right?)

    That I want to know is, which Video editing tool can do that and how to do that? How to add own "censored" parts in a video file, remove it from an existing video file? (if there are any guide for it?)
    I dont want just add simple "black picture" over a area part in the video (dont look nice). Just like what on TV news have made, "small rectangle blocks".

    Hmmm, I hopes sometimes understand what Im trying to say?
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    The web site Wrigley Video Productions at should have a tutorial that explains how to blur or highlight a person's face. Look under the Tutorials section. That tutorial does involve the use of Adobe Premiere. I'm not sure about the capibilities of other video editors.
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    I agree with erayboul about adding such 'blurring'. As for removing already 'blurred' areas. Can't be done, sorry.
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