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  1. I use Nero 6 on the PC, and burn standard ISO 9600 on DVD-R, but every time i pop the disk in my combo drive G4 powerbook (OS X 1.5 & 9.2) the dvd gets ejected like the mac doesnt read it ???!!
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  2. By the way, the burner i use is a brand new Pioneer DVR106 and the media is best quality (made in japan) 4X DVD-R. The burnt dvd plays fine on my 2 PC dvd drives. I've also tried a 1X DVD-R and still no go...
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    DVD data and DVD-Video should be burned using UDF settings.
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    its my understanding there is no such thing as a non mac/pc compatible dvd if burned on the opposite platform
    dvd's i burn on my mac work on pc
    dvd's bunred on pc work on my mac.

    i think its more important to make sure you burn them as proper dvd format as antnymd pointed out.


    the other option is your powerbook may not actually have a dvd drive.
    are you sure the drive supports dvds
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    yes, we have had these problems with Nero before. To the best of my knowledge, it allows you to burn as UDF+ISO9660 hybrid... The thing is, there is no such standard. While it may read on a PC, we've had problems getting those to read on a Mac.

    The best best is to follow what all the others are saying, and just burn as a standard UDF disc. This can have video, data, whatever. There is NO advange to burning as ISO over UDF that i know of...

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