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  1. Dynomite
    I'm wanting to make a dvd of my own video- need it to be of high quality- I have them on final cut pro.
    but my machine cant run Studiopro and my OSX doesnt have iDVD.
    So I have sizzle and need for the movies to be in mpeg2 format but I cant get ffmpegX to encode them to mpeg2.
    any help?
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  2. Dynomite
    PS they come out as m2v files
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  3. Tell me more about your source file. Is it a ".mov" file encoded with DV video?
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  4. dynomite
    the original source is a Final cut pro file.
    and for ffmpeg I exported it (from FCP) as a quicktime trying a few varieties, one of them being a .mov file.

    I'm now trying bitvice to encode, which has been easier so far.
    But now sizzle wont accpet the audio part which is a .aif file.

    (So I'm not sure yet if sizzle will work after using bitvice to encode my video files.)
    thanks for responding
    (know how to get iDVD?
    I have OSX but it didnt come with iDVD)
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  5. joda
    Select audiotrack 1 because ffmpegx thinks the timecode is audiotrack 0. Then it's just to encode to MPEG-2.
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