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  1. Hi,

    Where are the subtitles stored in a DVD ?
    Cus I want to make a DVD-r with subtitles and I don't know how I can add them. Any suggestions ?
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  2. RLE graphics streams in VOB-s. There are some ($500+) authoring programs capable of making subtitles. Also IFOEdit can mux subtitle stream in, but no program for conversion from text is known.

    (To be correct, I have made one, but it is in VB, incomplete and bulky (due to VB limitations), but working. If someone is interested to convert my code to C and release the tool, just pm me)
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    There is a program called "DVDSupEncode" that will create a sup file from a text file which can be authored in IFOEdit. Do a Google search.

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    epo and megahurts: Or you can use srt2sup to make subs to use in ifoedit.

    You must give us more information. Are you ripping and want subs? Do you want to add your own subs to your own video or ripped video or what exactly?
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