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    This particular guide is more of a workaround for those who do not have an application that will handle multiple audio streams. this idea or concept has been thrown around on this forum and the DVDLab Forum. On my initial project I got some help from the user "Elbato", so even though the idea is not new I figured I would put together a quick guide.

    With this workaround you will be able to switch between audio tracks using the remote control on your DVD player. (no menu option)

    *This guide only covers the Authoring of the DVD, no detail on how to create your material.

    Applications Used:
    IfoEdit (Free)
    DVDlab version 1.15 at a minimum (There are newer updates but this one works for me) (30 day Trial Available)

    Material: Pre-Edited and Compressed Video
    for the purpose of this guide you will need to create elementary streams of your material
    Video = movie.m2v
    Audio = audio1.ac3, audio2.ac3

    Step 1. Open IfoEdit and select > DVD Author > Author New DVD.

    on the following window you will select your Video and Audio Streams.

    once you have selected your files, they should look something like this. click ok to start creating the DVD

    you will see the following window, the duration of this depends on the length of your project.

    once completed you should have a log window, like below. if there are no errors then Close out of IfoEdit

    The second step to this will be Add a menu.
    open DVDlab and a. click on import and then select the .VOB file previously created with IfoEdit.

    you will be prompted with the following options, select "Use it directly without Demultiplexing" click OK.

    as you can see the status of the file is "OK". drag the file into the Movie 1 holder.

    to create the menu double click on "Menu 1"
    for this particular project I have just created a simple menu with a still background and a Play Competition object (this will play the movie when selected)

    I added some chapters along the way and now I'm ready to render the project.
    select Project > Compile DVD

    In this step, you need to burn to the hard drive first.

    once the project has been completed, select Tools > IFO Editor - Audio.
    with this step you will enable the multiple audio track with in the VOB file

    for this project I have 2 audio Streams that are "2 channel AC3", so for stream 1 I select 2 ch AC3
    and then repeat the step for Stream 2. click OK

    you will get the below message stating that the changes where made. click OK

    To test the DVD with PowerDVD.
    a. load the DVD from Hard Drive
    b. once the menu comes up, start playing the movie
    c. while the move is playing you can switch back and forth to the different audio tracks using the next audio button.

    if you are satisfied with the results you can go back to DVDlab and burn to a DVD or use a different application to burn the final product.

    Hope you find this guide is helpful.
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    Well i think if it takes mp2 audio it can do your home movie dvds with more than one audio
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    That's a great guide. I'd like to know how can I put subtitles files on it.
    I'm making a DVD (film only mode) backup by myself (using Smartripper, DVD2AVI...) but I don't know what type of subtitle file is used by IFOEdit.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried this workaround on more then just one movie/track? Or do you know if it would work? I'm trying to do a similar thing but with more menues & movie clips.
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  5. IFOEdit uses SUP subtitles, basically when you author just point to the SUP file. If you go to there are programs to help convert subtitles from one format to another. Often you'll end up using SRT2SUP.
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  6. Originally Posted by DVO
    Have you tried this workaround on more then just one movie/track? Or do you know if it would work? I'm trying to do a similar thing but with more menues & movie clips.
    Yep, I did a disc today with 5 episodes of Farscape -- one of them had a commentary track on it. I did the IFOedit in DVDlab and set it for 2 audio tracks for all PGC's. So basically, the episode that has the commentary track has 2 audio tracks, and the other four have one real audio track and one fake one. I don't know if there's a way to enable a second audio track for just one individual movie on a DVD with multiple movies, but this works for me...
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  7. So I guess you get no audio in those clips, right?

    When/if DVDlab add support for multiple VTS then you will be able to have different resolutions/bitrates/multiple-audio, so you can have a movie with 720x480 resolution, other with 352x480, one with AC3, other with MPA, one with only 1 audio track and other with many.
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  8. Originally Posted by dvdnew
    So I guess you get no audio in those clips, right?
    No, I have audio in the "real" track, but none in the "fake" track. Make sense?

    Originally Posted by dvdnew
    When/if DVDlab add support for multiple VTS then you will be able to have different resolutions/bitrates/multiple-audio, so you can have a movie with 720x480 resolution, other with 352x480, one with AC3, other with MPA, one with only 1 audio track and other with many.
    That will be cool.
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  9. Hi all,

    to compliment this guide I made a guide for making the audio menu as you may have seen:
    Guide to a Multiple Audio Menu with DVD Lab and IfoEdit

    Also mentioned in this thread: the lack of multiple VTS output.
    I have a guide to this to:
    Making a multiple VTS with Ifoedit for a Menu produced with DVD Lab

    I'll be making flash versions of these soon because they are easier to follow....

    Have fun,

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  10. Sorry - I just read I'm not supposed to post links to guides here.
    BUT I can't find the DELETE button to remove the post so maybe an admin could remove it for me - thanks.
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  11. Hi there!

    Many thanks - this guide is really great!

    The only information which is not clear to me is what i have to do with the output files of DvdLab:
    shall i copy the *.bup, *.ifo and the *_0.vob back to the output produced by IfoEdit ?
    Is the output VTS_01_1.VOB only fake?
    whatfore i need to use DvdLab?
    WinDVD plays the raw output of IfoEdit and it's possible to switch between the 3 audio streams.
    Do i need it for correct behaviour of 'stand alone players'?

    ....sorry about these questions but it's all new for me
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    is this guide just for 1 vob?

    i want to make a multi move with 2 films.

    can i use the option below "use vobs without demuxing" ?

    the one that joins em to 1 file?

    also.....can i still do the ifo editor trick when theres 2 movies with multiple audio?

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  13. @marsoupilami
    If your authored output from IfoEdit is all you want then thats fine.
    You wont have a Menu or Chapters on your DVD. You make those in DVDLab

    DVDLab is a single VTS program - that means your files have to be from the same source. The "movie" windows create PGCs (program chains within the same Title Set) and not seperate VTS (Video Title Sets) like DVDShrink or TMPmpegenc can.
    So putting ready made Vobs from different films in to DVDLab may not work. Try it but if it fails use my guide three posts up (Multiple VTS).
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  14. Originally Posted by KYUSS
    can i use the option below "use vobs without demuxing" ?

    the one that joins em to 1 file?

    also.....can i still do the ifo editor trick when theres 2 movies with multiple audio?

    I think if your movie is more than 1GB, then you will end with 2 or more VOBs named VTS_01_1.VOB VTS_01_2.VOB ..., one DVDlab had problems with joining the VOBs but the latest beta I think works. I haven't teste this yet, all my VOBs are single file already.

    I just did a 2 movie in one DVD-R with 2 audio tracks each, it works the same, even I created an "audio menu" thanks to maa's other guide.
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    I've tried using this trick for the creation of a DVD with two movies in it. The first one with a single audio track has no problem. But loading the VOBs, created with IFOEdit, from the second one, with two audio tracks, is impossible!!

    DVDLab loads only the first VOB or, if told to join them, displays some stupid error with wrong FPS???

    I'm using DVDLab 1.2.2 beta. I guess we'll have to wait for a new version with full support for this feature.
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    Hey guys! Sometimes its good to be stuborn! I did it!

    Using DVDLab latest beta and combining both the ideas from mustang581 and maa its possible to achieve the desired result. Here's how:

    I encoded two diferent movies in DVD2DVD 1.2.1 build 2. Each was set to be 2240Mb in order to fit both in a single DVD-R. One was encoded with a single AC3 audio track. The other was encoded with two AC3 audio tracks, one with 6 channels the other with just 2, and subtitles.

    Trying to keep the subtitles, I used the final muxed .mpg file from DVD2DVD and loaded it into DVDLab for demuxing. So far so good.

    Now load the elementary video stream plus the two audio streams into IFOEdit and create a new set of VOB files.

    Now back to DVDLab, load the two elementary streams from the first file
    and create "Movie 1" in the Menu.

    Now load the first VOB file, use the "First join..." option and voilá! Load the newly created "joined.vob" file to create a "Movie 2" in the Menu.

    Very basic menu, one static background, two subpictures taken from the movies, one button to start each movie, one text box for each movie title.

    The chapters created using the Auto function also worked fine.

    Compiled and everything worked fine (Except for the subtitles... I lost them!) I didn't use the "Force audio..." and didn't edit anything after the DVD was created. Tested my DVD files with PowerDVD and they worked like a charm, I can switch the audio track while watching the movie without any tricks and I don't need to go to any menu.

    I didn't burn this, it was just a test but I guess it'll work, don't you think so?

    So mustang581 and maa, please test this method and update your guides. I'm not going to write a new one using your ideas so you add mine to yours if you want.

    And can someone please solve the subtitles issue?

    Final Note:

    Using maa's technique to create the VOB files, rename them and finally use DVDFab to create the the TS files I can really fit everything in a single DVD-R, but without a menu.

    But DVDLab has some bugs when it comes to calculating and displaying the final size of a DVD as I have already posted in other forum.
    Using a menu of just 100Kb I got a DVD with almost 50Mb in excess. The import VOB module has to be perfected so as the several displays of size in the all process of creating a DVD.

    In the end I had to reencode the second movie (2 audios) not with the 2240Mb but with just 2000Mb to have some slack.

    But I believe the method will work!
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    I'm really sorry people! My mistake for beeing so excited... I wasn't paying any attention to the movie itself when I tested it, just listening for the audio.

    Everything I posted before stands true but the audio is totally out of synch in both the audio tracks of the second movie.

    Let's wait for version 1.3 beta 4!

    Keep your fingers crossed
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  18. I put several mpgs on a DVD with seperate VTS, its sometimes a bit trcky but always better to demux the mpg to seperate streams and feed them to IfoEdit first. Also you need to upsample the audio to 48k if its 44.1 in the original.
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  19. I think it should be emphasised that you really need to use an ELEMENTARY video stream here. In TMPGENC, there are like 5 options: audio ES (elementary stream), video ES, audio+video ES, video "system," and audio+video "system." You really need to go for the video ES. I tried using this guide with a video "system," instead of a video ES, and it totally crashed ifoedit. I wish ifoedit would just say something like "sorry - you need an 'elementary stream,' not a 'system' file" instead of crashing! Up until this point, I wasn't even aware that there was a real difference between a video-ES (.m2v) and a video-system (.mpg).

    Presumably, ifoedit is less touchy about its audio streams, because it seems like any audio-only stream is an "elementary" one.
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  20. Just an addendum -- you can use the standalone IfoEdit after you've used DVDLab's own internal IfoEdit to label the audio tracks (English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Director's Comments, etc.) you've added to the DVD.
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    Thanks for the guide.

    Just started playing with multiple audio tracks. So far, I've been able to get 2 LPCM tracks working OK, but PowerDVD won't recognize the extra track if one or both is mp2.
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  22. I have what I hope is a simple question on this. What if I have a trailer and then the movie. I don't want to user the 2nd audio track for the trailer but for the main movie. I believe using the DVD-lab Ifo editor will change the values for all PGC's. I want to just change or should I say recognize the 2nd audio track for the main movie. I fear that using the DVD-lab ifo editor will make the trailer also play with the other audio track. What values would I have to modify if I used Ifoedit instead of DVD-lab to do the Ifo editing?
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  23. i know dvd lab dosnt support dts but would using this method allow me to use a dts vob file in dvd lab? cos i would prefer ac3 and dts sound, but also want chapters, and have no idea what i am doing with scenarist, any help would be great
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  24. well i answered my own question and did a test on a dts movie and it works perfect sorry for wasting anyones time, should have just tried it first before asking
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  25. I am having trouble with this. I created multiple ES's for my videos, and IFOedit'd them into a vob. I then made a DVDlab project and compiled it, finishing off with enabling the multiple tracks using the IFOEDIT tool in dvdlab. I then go to test it in PowerDVD. Perfect, each audio track works fine. However, when I burn a test dvd on a DVD+RW, and then play it in my DVD player, only the video track shows. There is no audio. When I use the audio button on the remote, it comes up with the option to select from one of the 3 tracks I added, but they're all empty. Has anybody else had this problem?
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    Well I always tried to stay away from Ifoedit due to the supposed problems with ntsc audio. I finally gave Ifoedit a try and sure enough no audio. I inserted two audio streams into ifoedit and got no audio out of the dvd. I know that the audio and video are good because I can use them in dvdworkshop and adobe encore.
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  27. I used the guide in this forum (IfoEdit, DVDLab) to author a DVD with two audio tracks (Hindi, English). I have the elementary streams for the audio tracks, but it seems like there is a longer introduction in the Hindi stream, so this track is a couple of minutes behind the English track and video. Does anyone have advice on how I should fix this (either in the elementary streams or in the authoring step)?
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  28. Hi everyone.

    Does anybody know if is possible to author a DVD with two audio tracks by NeroVision 5?
    WinXP SP3-ASUS P5K-Intel Core2 Quad Q6600-Kingston DDR2-800 4GB-Maxtor STM3320613AS-LG GSA-H42N-PHILIPS SPD6002T-Gainward 9500GT-Pinnacle 700-PCI-Realtek HD
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    how to force audio for all movie in dvd lab 2.51 ?
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