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  1. I often see that some of you transfer your old VHS videos by using a camcorder. Can anyone give me some idea how this is done? I have just bought a DV JVC Camcorder but Iím not sure how to do this. I have also have Pinnacle DC10 on WinXP pro
    Many thanks
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    I'm not familar with your particular camcorder, but first off you must ensure that it has analog inputs (composite or s-video). You cannot transfer analog video otherwise!

    So if your cam has this there are usually two options.
    1. Record straight to DV tape
    2. Use passthrough if available

    With passthrough, your cam digitizes the footage in real-time and pumps it out the DV port (into your computer). Obviously this route will save you time.

    So if you have analog inputs, you then need a firewire card on your PC. This is how you will get your new digital video into the PC.

    Software? Try Windows Movie Maker free with Win XP for 'capturing' your new digital video. Excellent for beginners.

    Now read the guides to your left for an abundance of information!
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  3. Thank you very much for this very helpful information.
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    I have been transferring VHS to HD-then to vcd using a sony dcrtrv340 camcorder. This particular model has the analogue to digital passthrough, which does make things a lot easier. I am not sure if your model JVC camcorder has the passthrough, you would need to check your manual. I know in australia it is only the more upmarket models that had the passthrough. The passthrough option on the sony is accessed through the menu on the camera. I use ULead Videostudio5 which came with my firewire card. This is an older piece of software which takes a little bit of getting used to but it has given good results for me so far (on VCD).
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